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In A Nut Shell...

As a voice coach and practitioner, I specialise in presentation skills, voice production, confidence building, and presentation content to both individuals and in a workshop context.


Whether you're a CEO, entrepreneur, political advocate, actor, or performer, I offer bespoke coaching for anyone presenting in the public realm or wanting to create more confidence, clarity, and colour in their vocal delivery and professional presence.  You may want to feel more confident speaking at meetings, have a focused presentation to deliver, or you may have a personal public speaking event to prepare for.  Whatever the situation, my goal is to help clients bring clarity and confidence into their speech, physical presence, energy, and presentation content, thus enabling them to engage more fully, dynamically, and effectively with their audience and peers.


Every session is specifically tailored to individual needs in order to build confidence, create compelling presence, and achieve optimal results for each client. Strategies for vocal and presentation preparation are generated for clients to take away and implement in both formal and informal situations.





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