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Voice and Elocution


Do you want to command attention and feel more confident when you speak?

Do you have an audition coming up and want to knock it out of the park?

Are you working on a show and need a bit of extra voice coaching outside rehearsals?

Are you looking to expand your singing range and strengthen your vocal technique?

Do you have a job interview coming up and want to ace it?

Do you speak in public on a regular basis and feel like your voice is weak or tires easily?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then you're in the right place.  I provide tailored voice and speech training for actors, singers, speakers, and those using their voices on a daily or ongoing basis.  I work with both those who are new to voice and speech work and those who already work in areas where they use their voice professionally.  Sometimes people refer to voice training as 'elocution', which is how one speaks or reads in public, including the control of both voice and gesture. The voice doesn't happen from the neck up; your whole body is your instrument and we'll explore techniques from performance and theatre that address the balance between physical and vocal presence.


I help clients:


  • Learn how to use your voice to connect genuinely with people

  • Connect with your text and content through voice and body

  • Develop a clear, strong physical presence and own their space 

  • Develop a confident, clear speaking voice

  • Use vocal and performance techniques to engage and hold the attention of your audience


First off, we'll assess your vocal and speaking style and then start expanding the voice with dedicated, proven vocal techniques and exercises.  We will:


  • Explore good posture, breath techniques, and releasing tension

  • Use pitch, volume, and vocal range to develop colour in the voice

  • Work on the essential emotional connection with words and your audience 

  • Use the power of pause, pace, and rhythm of speech

  • Work on articulation and speech clarity


There will be clear and continual assessment throughout.  Every element of the voice work will be tailored specifically to each client's needs in order to get you the systematic, clear, lasting results you want.

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