My Personal Offer To You

As a voice coach and practitioner, I specialise in presentation skills, voice production, confidence building, and presentation content.  


Do you know those feelings of doubt, insecurity, nervousness, and panic that you have when it comes to speaking in front of people?  Well, what I do is combine extensive performing and acting experience with coaching techniques to bring out the best in each client.  I take those feelings of doubt and panic and convert them into confidence, clarity, and gravitas, empowering clients to take ownership of their communication skills and natural voice. 

Voice coaches have been working in the acting and singing professions for centuries, but I now use those same techniques found in the world of theatre and performing to breathe life back into business communications and presentations.


My job is to help you be the best of yourself when it counts.


You may want to feel more confident speaking at meetings, have a focused presentation to deliver, or you may have a personal public speaking event to prepare for.  Whatever the event, my goal is to help clients bring clarity and confidence into their speech, physical presence, energy, and presentation content, thus enabling them to engage more fully, dynamically, and effectively with their audience and peers.


Every session is specifically tailored to individual needs in order to build confidence, create compelling presence, and achieve optimal results for each client. Strategies for vocal and presentation preparation are generated for clients to take away and implement in any communication situation.


There is a powerful, clear, confident speaker in each one of us.  Whatever it is you're pitching, you have to convey absolute conviction in the words and information you're putting out there.  It's about believing in yourself.  And it's about honesty and passion; if you care about the content you're presenting, so will the audience.






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